Operational Excellence
Vaishali Life Care has placed high priority on continuous improvement throughout the whole organisation by focusing on the needs of their customers, empowering its employees and Optimizing existing production processes.
Our Products
Tablets & Capsules
Ayurvedic & Herbal
Disposable Surgical
Veterinary Products
Welcome to Vaishali Life Care
Vaishali Life Care Pvt Ltd. . It was established in the year 2004 & over the last 6 Years we have made noticeable progress and is, as on today one leading Pharmaceuticals company in India in the area of Healthcare. Vaishali Life Care establishes various disciplines and are working towards the objective of continuous improvement in quality.

Vision:To be a growth oriented company with a firm commitment of caring for quality and environment.

Mission:Our mission is to increase current capacities to establish ourselves as quality producer through continual improvement in performance, meeting with the customer’s expectation and strive for developing value added option from side stream by products.

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